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Parents Just Don’t Understand

This might have been the first song I memorized all of the words to around 6th grade. Yes, that dates me a bit (or dates Will Smith!)

That permanent eye roll that your teenagers have is infuriating, I know. They might whip it out on a teacher on occasion, but sometimes teachers can get away with telling a student something their parent could never say. You’ve talked to them about breaking their projects down into pieces a million times. We are able to create the checkpoints to make it happen. They experience it and then realize it wasn’t the worst idea in the world.

Sometimes students just have more patience with a teacher as well. I’ve noticed tutoring that students are even MORE tolerant of a tutor’s suggestions than a teacher’s. Maybe it’s because we’re talking one on one, but whatever the reason, it’s a window of opportunity!

Tutors and teachers can really help your students embrace new ideas and habits.

What do you wish you could get across to your teen that they’re just not willing to hear from you?

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