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Meet Katie Taylor! AP Psychology Guru!

It's a little known fact that I have been teaching AP Psychology this year in addition to my European History classes. Guys, they SAID THERE WOULD BE NO MATH AND NOW I'M TEACHING STATISTICS! Because social studies covers so many subjects, sometimes us teachers just have to get it done, and I couldn't have survived this year without Katie Taylor! My M.A. is in European History, so I knew a tiny bit about Freud and a few things from teaching AP Psychology 12 years ago. So much has changed, and Katie makes it seem so simple and clear. If she can help ME remember the difference between positive punishment and negative reinforcement, she can help YOU!

I bet she's doing an interprative dance about the brain's structure
Katie Taylor: I think she's doing an interpretive dance to help you learn the structures of the brain in this picture.

Katie has been teaching for 19 years and has been teaching AP Psychology for 14 of those years. She has a B.A. in Psychology from Creighton University and a M.A. in Psychology from Regis University.

Katie is THE ONE to go to with a Psychology question because she has been teaching this class for so long that she has lots of tips and tricks to help remember the difference between tricky terms. She has graded the AP Psychology Exam for many years and can teach you how to MASTER the AP Psych FRQ!

As you can see, she is also funny and will keep you on your toes! (Quite literally, if you want, as she is also the head cross country coach!)

Send us a message if you want to set up a consult about how Katie can help you master the AP Psychology Exam!

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