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Crash Course Viewing Guides

I think a lot of teachers have found their way to my site because of the Crash Course Viewing Guides I've been posting, but students might want to check them out too. I start each Viewing Guide with the key VOCABULARY you should know from each episode, and the questions are designed to hit the main ideas from each episode. They can be a great way to check your understanding, even if you don't fill them out completely or have to turn them in as an assignment.

Click the Crash Course Tab above to download the Viewing Guides for FREE.

I also start most of the viewing guides with a CONTEXT question, which AP History students should recognize as a required point on the DBQ and LEQ for AP History Exams. These questions are designed to get you thinking about what happened right before the time period covered in the video, or even what is happening in another location at the same time.

Sample Vocabulary and Context from Viewing Guide

I get requests on occasion for keys to the viewing guides, and I haven't posted them for a couple of reasons. I think a lot of teachers are assigning these to their students, so I don't want to be a gateway to cheating. Also, the episodes are less than 15 minutes long each, faster if you speed up the play back. It's not that hard to complete.

I hope these are useful! Is there anything else you'd like to see on a viewing guide?

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