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Crash Course Episode 1: Medieval Europe is LIVE!

Episode 1 is here!

My first thought in outlining the syllabus for this episode was that we need to hit some key ideas to provide some Medieval context for the course and all of the rapid changes that will come in the 15th Century. The big Medieval ideas we hit are:

  • The Black Death

  • The Great Schism

  • The 100 Years War

My other thought was that we need to dispel some myths.

I hope this episode does both of those well! Bonnie Smith brings so much great content to the series, and she is a wealth of information. I read one of her books Changing Lives: European Women since 1700 in college at F&M, and it really opened my eyes to so much about gender history and the role that women have played in European events. Seriously, I am a serious John Green fan girl and now I'm also a Bonnie Smith fan girl. It has been amazing to get to work with both of them, and being a consultant on Crash Course has been a dream come true.

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