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Let the Countdown to AP Exams begin!

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

My number one tip for students is to review early and review often! Start reviewing those topics from September NOW so that you're refreshing your memory and identifying gaps in your knowledge. The night before the exam is TOO LATE ! It will just make you panic. Slow and steady wins the race. Exam prep books, practice exams, reviewing your class and reading notes and meeting regularly with a tutor are all great steps to get you ready for the marathon ahead. When exam time comes around, you want that content to be solid and just have to review some details.

May is going to be crazy. You'll have finals for your regular classes, other exams to take, not to mention all of the fun events that come up during your junior and senior year. Which would you rather do, spend a little time reviewing now or feel like you have to cram it in on the morning of Prom when you'd rather be hanging out with your friends?

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